Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Parable of The Riverboat Captain

The Parable of The Riverboat Captain
In a time there was a boy who used to live upon the river. Day by day he watched the majestic boats travel it with awe. So inspired was he by the grace of the boats upon the beautiful river, he found that when he could make time he wanted little else other than to watch that peaceful, endless, struggle.
How rare to know one’s path so soon. As the boy aged, he eventually found his way aboard one of those magnificent river boats, and so the days passed by as he labored hard and fulfilled beside his beloved river.
Like this, the boy became a man, and the man The Captain. One day guiding the mighty boat upon the river he found that the mystery of it all had long since departed. He knew the bends and the turns, master of the craft and by extension his lovely river; he glided amongst it day by day.
The man tried fondly to remember what it was he had once seen in the river as a boy, but alas he could not. The magic had long since departed, and with it, what it was he once saw.

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