Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Onion Man

The Onion Man

Once upon a time there lived a man in the marketplace that everyone referred to as The Onion Man. They said that The Onion Man's only job at his own little stand was to chop and sell onions to the various shoppers at the marketplace.

Few people actually talked to The Onion Man, they said that the man always seemed to be busy working. The way they could tell, they said, was that whenever they saw The Onion Man he was always crying so they thought it might be rude to disturb him.

One day, the people of the marketplace noticed that The Onion Man had not been around for quite some time. "Maybe he finally took a vacation!" They all laughed and said. A few more days passed however, and the people began to be concerned. The people of the marketplace began looking everywhere for The Onion Man, and finally after a couple hours found him in the backroom of his little shop.

The people were horrified with what they saw: The Onion Man had hanged himself. The people stared for awhile feeling sick, and this carried on until one man noticed a note by The Onion Man's legs, grabbing it, The man then read the note aloud: "I sell Tomatoes you idiots."

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